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Thank You for Getting Us Here

We made it. 

We’ve earned the joy of this upcoming holiday season.


We've got what matters. 

Hugging our families. Enjoying both new and familiar restaurants. Gathering together for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Cheering on our teams and listening to holiday music with loves ones. Holiday shopping for the perfect gift. We’ve got what matters. 

Our economy is strong.

While we are all feeling the shifting ground of the recovering economy, Americans are in the best position possible.


Wages are way up. Stocks are rising. Unemployment is low and new businesses are springing up left and right.  The US dollar has hit a 20-year high, giving American families more spending power this holiday season while countries like China fall behind.

Our strong systems have carried us through uncertain times and landed us on top. We've set ourselves up for long-term wins. 

Family home for Christmas

But we could not have done it without each other. Every American contributed to our comeback by holding fast to our American spirit.


And for that, each and every one of us deserves a thank you. 

Thank you for your sacrifice, commitment to community, love for others, and embodiment of American resilience.

May this holiday season bring love, joy, peace, and warmth. Together, may we enjoy the holiday magic and live the American dream.


Join the Faithful Citizens Network community in echoing this sentiment across the country. Share a banner on Facebook and Twitter to tell your loved ones and neighbors thank you. 

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