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Ohio has some of the most secure elections in America. No election has ever been overturned for election fraud in Ohio.


Despite this, HB 294 will make it much harder for elderly and disabled Ohioans to vote. 

HB 294 would:


  • Cuts 20 full days of early voting to force everyone to vote on Election Day, even though many Americans don’t get time off to go vote on Election Tuesday and Ohio had no early voting fraud in 2020! 

  • Limit drop boxes to 10 days—instead of 30— before the election and reduce the number of drop boxes in cities to make it harder to deliver ballots. 

  • Eliminate the last Monday of In-Person Early Voting entirely, making Election Day lines even longer.

  •  And move up the deadline for requesting absentee ballots by 10 days to make it so that Americans can not request their absentee ballot through secure drop boxes. 

These new rules won’t make the election process any more secure. But they will keep large numbers of Americans from voting. Especially the elderly, 55% of whom voted by mail in 2020. As well as homeless veterans, who with no transportation rely on being able to drop their ballot into a post office box to vote. 


Stealing the vote from elderly Americans and veterans who have spent their lives contributing to this country does not make our elections any more secure. But more than that, it’s un-American. 


We’ve got to do better. 

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