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"I want my son home." Wendy Rittenhouse claims Lin Wood, Kyle Rittenhouse's former attorney, Kept her son in jail to raise money.  

Rittenhouse called for an audit into the money Lin Wood, Kyle Rittenhouse's former attorney, raised for his #fightback foundation. She claims that Lin Wood and John Pierce, another former attorney for Kyle, kept Kyle in jail longer than needed to raise money off his name. 

Lin Wood jumped into the spotlight after taking up the cause to raise $2 million in bail money for Kyle. Americans from all over the country gave to the fund, hoping to get Kyle out as soon as possible. 

Now, it has become clear that Lin Wood and John Pierce were keeping Kyle in jail longer out of fear "Armageddon" was coming and, according to Wendy, to boost their political image and raise money. 

Wendy said she was so close to giving up hope after begging Wood and Pierce to bring her son home. Repeatedly, they told her that Kyle would be safer in jail and that it was better to leave him there. 

"Keep this boy in that youth facility in Illinois"

-Lin Wood 

Wendy's statements raise concerns that Wood was taking advantage of Kyle's situation to benefit himself. When compounding these claims with other documented misleading assertions made by Wood, his reputation for honesty is undoubtedly called into question. 

"To me, that felt like they didn't care about my son's wellbeing"

-Wendy Rittenhouse

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