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California’s clear and transparent election process once again allowed for an honest, secure election.


Even though the media tried to imply there was election fraud before the results even came in, leading Republicans in California set the record straight. The 2021 California Recall was fair and square. 


That is why after the results of the 2021 California gubernatorial recall election came in, the primary Republican candidate, Larry Elder, gave his concession speech, calling his supporters to be “gracious in defeat.” 


Elder’s dignified concession shows the power of American democracy and the integrity of our elections. Larry Elder, like many Americans, has faith in the Democratic process that has governed our elections for so many years. And he recognizes that our acceptance of the process is essential to the wellbeing of American democracy. 


For us, Elder’s patriotic speech was reminiscent of Senator John McCain’s concession speech to Barack Obama in 2008. In which, even after he had lost, he spoke in a way that called us back to unity and brotherhood. 


True patriotism is putting the wellbeing of America above personal gain, and Larry Elder did that. He is a real patriot. 

Who is not a real patriot then? Anyone who makes baseless claims of election fraud at the expense of the American people, costing them time and tax dollars on investigations that find no evidence of election fraud in America. 


As faithful citizens, we recognize the importance of election integrity for our democratic processes. And we also recognize that California has the necessary checks and balances in place to ensure that is the case in the 2021 Recall Election. 


California has the strictest and most transparent voting system in the country. It includes paper ballot paper trails, publicly reviewed audits, and public viewing of the final tally. 


Whereas many states limit the number of poll watchers at a polling place, California allows any registered citizen 16+ to observe the entire process. 


Poll watchers have the right to: 


• Observe pre-Election Day activities such as voting equipment preparation and testing and vote-by-mail ballot processing. 

• Observe the proceedings at polling places, including the opening and closing procedures. 

• View the voter list

• View election-related activities at the central counting site on Election Day. 

• View the canvass (final tally) of the vote activities following the election. 

• View vote-by-mail and provisional ballot processing. 


Not only are elections publicly observable, but California also has very strict rules about the condition of the ballot and ballot boxes. All improperly cast mail-in ballots, those lacking signature, etc., are rejected. 


California also takes care to make sure multiple sets of eyes are on the ballots at all times. When it is time for ballot boxes to be sent to the central counting location, there are always at least two people watching this process and each poll worker must sign the reconciliation sheet attesting to the box’s sealing with all relevant materials. In most of the larger counties, each box is also identified by a barcode.


In California, a state-level election has never been overturned for election fraud. 

For more information on the role of poll watchers’ in protecting election integrity, click here. 


To learn more about ballot counting procedure in California, click here. 

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