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If ain’t broke, don’t fix it. 


If it ain’t broke, definitely don’t break it. 


But that is exactly what Arizona politicians are doing with elections. 


Even though pork barrel audits and three recounts all confirmed the integrity of Arizona elections (while costing taxpayers millions), Arizona politicians are still trying to change the election rules under the guise of protecting election integrity. As citizens with common sense, we recognize that all they are doing is making it harder for Americans who oppose them to vote. 


New voting laws in Arizona:

  • Purge registered voters from early voter rolls (which 75% of Arizona voters are on), 

  • Make it harder for working Americans and the elderly to vote by limiting the mail-in vote, 

  • Cut essential funding needed to properly train poll workers and secure polling places. 


By purging citizens who are legally registered to vote from voter rolls, Arizona politicians are behaving as if voting is a benefit that is theirs to grant, rather than a Constitutional right of all American citizens. 


Veterans, the elderly, and Arizonans who rent their homes are especially likely to be removed from the early voting rolls and not know until it’s too late.


If America is to remain the shining city on a hill and beacon of freedom and democracy to the world, we can not let politicians change voting rules to serve their agenda. As faithful citizens, it is up to us to protect our country for the next generation. 


We’ve got to keep America free. 


  • Arizona elections are secure. The GOP-funded private company, Cyber Ninjas, conducted a months-long audit on the 2020 Election in Arizona, finding no evidence of election fraud. The audit cost $9,000,000, only to reaffirm for the 4th time that the 2020 election results were correct. 

  • Arizona passed a law to purge registered voter rolls of anyone who has not voted in the past two elections. Legally registered citizens with a photo ID who show up expecting to fulfill their Constitutional right will be turned away.  

  • Arizona made it a felony for election officials to send mail-in ballots to voters who registered to vote by mail unless the voter expressly asks during each election. 

  • Arizona has introduced over 100 new laws that threaten election integrity by making it harder for American citizens to vote and local governments to adequately secure polling places.



Arizonans who voted in 2020 would have been blocked from voting early if this bill passed in 2019

As many as


voters will be kicked off the early voter rolls before the next election 


As Christians, it’s up to us to vote our values and make sure they are reflected in our government. But tens of thousands of us could be erased from the voter rolls in Arizona and lose our freedom to steer the direction of our government.


We’ve got to protect the integrity of our systems and make sure our votes get counted by opposing Arizona’s new voting bills and fighting for true election integrity in Arizona. 

Please make sure your loved ones know about this bill so that their votes don't get purged.

We need to make sure the Christian voice is heard in the next election. 


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